Practice Makes Perfect

As you were growing up, did you have that one person in your life who insisted you ‘reach for the stars’ and become something they defined as great like a doctor or lawyer? Some people have the idea that doctors and lawyers have it made; that they make great money immediately after graduating and begin to live in the lap of luxury as soon as they walk across the stage to grab their diploma. Those people are wrong. Law school and medical school are expensive. The schools themselves are difficult to get into, the study requirements are hard and the tests to earn your actual certifications are even harder. Becoming a lawyer or doctor is not for the faint at heart, nor is it for someone who doesn’t actually want to take these roads in life. That said, there are benefits to each path.

On Your Own

One of the dreams of many aspiring doctors or lawyers is having your own law or medical practice. You absolutely would get to call the shots in this instance, within reason. Both professions have to operate within their own natural boundaries, with lawyers staying abreast of all local, state and national laws and doctors keeping current with both the latest medical research and with insurance companies. Keep in mind if this is your dream, there is help available for you. The Small Business Administration can and will help you set up your law or medical practice as these are considered small businesses. Other aid is available, too. Both occupations have established professional organizations to assist you.

Team Player

The other obvious route you can go is working for someone else. As a doctor, you have quite a few options. You can work for a private practice, a practice owned by a hospital, a hospital, a nursing home or an outpatient treatment facility. Lawyers typically work in practices, but you also have the option of working for a corporation or non-profit as in-house council. Additionally, you could practice via a public defender’s or prosecutor’s office. One of the big benefits of working for someone else is that you don’t have to worry about all the details associated with owning your own business like maintaining office space, hiring and firing, benefits and employee relations. If these seem like headaches to you, then working for someone else’s law or medical practice would be the better choice for you.

Choosing a future in medicine or law may cost you, but the payoff can be big, too.

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